Syslog Generator#

Syslog generator is application used as simple testing tool responsible for generating syslog messages that can be sent to Syslog Server.

Implemented as python hat.syslog.generator module which can be run with hat-syslog-generator script with additional command line arguments:

usage: hat-syslog-generator [-h] [--comm-type {UDP,TCP,TLS}] [--host HOST]
                            [--port PORT] [--count N] [--text TEXT]
                            [--level LEVEL] [--with-exc] [--queue-size N]
                            [--msg-delay T] [--end-delay T]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --comm-type {UDP,TCP,TLS}
                        syslog server host name (default TCP)
  --host HOST           syslog server host name (default
  --port PORT           syslog server port (default 6514)
  --count N             number of log messages (default 1)
  --text TEXT           log message text
  --level LEVEL         log level
  --with-exc            include exception
  --queue-size N        client's log message queue size (default 1024)
  --msg-delay T         time delay between message generation in seconds
                        (default 0.01)
  --end-delay T         time delay affter all messages have been generated in
                        seconds (default 0.5)

This application is part of hat-syslog python package.